On people

On people

I have long suspected that despite “the essential Heterogeneity of being”, people can be cut up into two broad classes: those interested in life, and those more interested in the living. Life and the living, after all, are two very different things. The living are the product of creation: people, nature, anything that has mass. Life, however, is what creates, keeps in existence, and abolishes the material: the transient transmission of information, the force carriers, the invisible laws by which material things move.

My observations have led me to believe that people of the “living” marvel at the beauty of nature, while people of the “life” ask why it is beautiful. People of the “living” form strong bonds with others that last, while people of the “life” have transient encounters that are nonetheless impactful. For the “living”, accomplishments and actions mark the days, they are ever-present in their bodies and take pride in knowledge. For those more interested in life, the journey is valued over the destination, the body only a point from which observations are made and signals transmitted, and the thrill of the question outweighs the importance of the answer.

The obvious comparison is of people to the current “standard model” in physics. Fermions, which are the electrons, quarks, etc, are the smallest particles known to make up everything that is material in this world. Then we have the bosons, which are the photons, gluons, etc (usually massless particles that act as force carriers and govern the behavior of the material, such as the EM force, and the strong and weak nuclear forces). The bosons concern themselves with life, the fermions with the living.

It may be that people, like particles, can be grouped by this distinction; however, this cut of a pie into halves with a dull knife is not absolute. Strange things can happen such as an entangled electron pair (two fermions) that acts more as a boson when together, or equivalently, the connection between two people who most care about the living giving rise to an entity that transforms and its core becomes solely concerned with life.



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